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DT Swiss Titanium Quick Release Skewer
QR (2003-DT009/10/11)
NT$2740 NT$2600
Gearoop QR Skewer with lights
Gearoop QR Skewer with lights
NT$1799 NT$1660
Hope Pro 4 Front hub and Boost 110
Hope Pro 4/ Boost Front
NT$3500 NT$3150
DT Swiss Road Steel QR Skewer
QR (2003-DT007/8)
NT$1350 NT$1230
NT$10000 NT$8000
Faxson Colorful 20" 406/451 Alloy Wheelset
Faxson Colorful Wheelset
NT$18500 NT$16000
Novatec R5 Tubular/Clincher Full Carbon Wheelset
Novatec R5 Tubular/Clincher
NT$40000 NT$30800
Circus Monkey AXLE+ freehub for HDW2+_Rear_10x135mm
Circus Monkey AXLE for HDW2+_Rea
FireEye RH12142 Disc Brake Rear Hub
FireEye RH12142
NT$4900 NT$4500