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Second Generation: Air Seat 25 Full-Floating Saddle Suspension System

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Second Generation: Air Seat Full-Floating Saddle Suspension Syst
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This product is available in silver only in the US and can be shipped directly from the US for local delivery. 

Second Generation. Upgrade front spring to improve comfortability!

What we have right here is a new innovative product that offers a huge quality of life improvement for your next ride. The Air Seat Full-Floating Saddle Suspension System is a lightweight and durable shock absorber for your saddle, able to maintain its stability by absorbing vibrations from: up and down, left and right, back and forth, or 360 degrees. Better yet, it is fully compatible with all kinds of bicycles, and can be easily installed to be part of your saddle for an even better and more comfortable cycling experience, making sure that 'bumpy ride' is a thing of the past.

Available in silver and black. 


The Air Seat will now be offered as a combo package with an elegant front spring cover included.

This elegant cover may seem like a small addition, but it introduces a refined touch and a sense of neatness to your ride.

*If you placed an order for the Air Seat after Aug 2023 and wish to include the front cover, kindly reach out to us beforehand.

Weight: 250g

Spec: L 125mm x W 54mm x H 65mm

Available color: silver/black

Material: Aluminum/Stainless Steel

Manufacture country: Taiwan

Weight Limit: 80kg/100kg/120kg

*choose based on your weights

80kg (<70kg

100kg (<90kg

120kg (<110kg


*Not compatible with Tapering seatposts. Please check your seatpost and saddle before ordering. 

*It's for round (7mm×7mm) railings and has to be long than 57mm.

*Suggest that the width of the cushion should not exceed 18 cm, and the height should not exceed 7 cm.

*The recommended torque is 5.5, not exceeding 6 Nm (to tighten bolts on both sides)

I read the sales pitch and this suspension seat sounded like a good idea. I'm 68yrs old and sore butt is my only physical complaint about bike riding. I have a Merida ebike. Heavy frame but I'm using my bike as an alternative to driving my car, so I do a lot of km's. The air seat adds a lot of comfort to my ride. I have also got a spring suspension saddle post. This takes care of large jarring bumps. I ride with gel pad shorts to top it off. In the mix the air seat plays a very large part in bring comfort to my ride. I would highly recommend it for those with less hardy butt's like me haha.
I rediscovered the bike again. Never thought cycling could be so comfortable. This is the best suspension seatpost. Never buy analogues. Competitive suspension seatpost are kinekt, red shift and cane creek! I used only Cane Creek Thudbuster ST G4 (elastomer suspension seatpost). I think Air Seat Full-Floating Saddle Suspension System is the best of suspension seatposts named above
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