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About Xplova

Xplova is a company specializing in the design and production of high-end cycling computers, aiming to bring advanced technology coupled with unparalleled UX to the global cycling community. The word Xplova is the combination of the English word of “explore” and the Spanish word of “va”, which stands for “to explore and to move forward”. The spirit of continuing to challenge oneself and to aspire is what Xplova was founded upon.

The company join IT giant Acer Inc. in 2015, and the technology that goes into the design of Xplova’s products has advanced rapidly ever since, from indoor to outdoor, including run and ride. Xplova’s products are now distributed all over the world, combining functional design, intuitive software, a complete cartographic package, and a portal for managing and sharing data within the community. Xplova has strived to provide cycling and sports lovers with a social network to explore, sweat, and laugh together.